Gidon Novick

Non-Executive Director (Strategy and Marketing)

“The one question I keep asking myself is, can life get better as one matures?”  I am hopeful that it can – and I am excited to be a part of an initiative that at the core of its mission is to bring joy and contentment to people in their mature years.  Personally I enjoy the challenge of challenging the status quo and of creating something that is really special and somewhat different, not only in terms of the prime locations where we will be building, but our care philosophy and our hospitality that will really assist us to build towards our mission of making sure seniors enjoy a better life as they mature.”

Gidon Novick is a socially minded entrepreneur who has created innovative and high growth opportunities within large businesses as well as built new businesses from inception. His focus is on continuing to build large-scale, innovative, and high impact businesses based in South Africa.

In the aviation sector, Gidon co-founded the launch of LIFT airline, an airline with a different and more flexible operating model which uses technology to offer a world-class customer experience. He was previously with the listed Comair Group for 13 profitable years between 1998 and 2011. He served as joint CEO, overseeing turnover of more than R3.5-billion. Highlights included launching Africa’s first low-cost airline,, growing Comair to 2-million passengers in five years and launching the premium SLOW lounge concept with banking group FNB. Gidon was previously CEO of Discovery Vitality, where he oversaw the world-leading wellness programme. He then took on a broader role as Group Chief Digital Officer for Discovery, driving the digital strategy across the company.

Gidon currently manages three investment funds under Lucid Ventures, a venture capital platform with a diversified range of tax efficient funds supporting the growth of entrepreneurial activity in South Africa. The funds are focused on building disruptive brands in the Hospitality and Senior Living sectors.

Gidon is also Chairman of SA Harvest, which focuses on food security in South Africa, one of the most urgent crises facing our country today. Every day, 18-million South Africans go to bed hungry and/or undernourished and 10-million tons of food go to waste. SA Harvest is leveraging technology and data through the support of key partners and donors to intervene in the entire food ecosystem and help manage the food crisis in the country and ultimately end hunger.

Gidon has a BCom CA from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Kelloggs School of Management, North Western.


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