Cape Talk: Mental Health in senior citizens

Zain Johnson is in conversation with Corene Breedt-Rammutla, the CEO and co-founder of Circle Senior Living – talking around mental health in senior citizens:

Our topic of discussion today is mental health in senior citizens, which is an issue of utmost importance.

According to recent statistics, mental health issues affect a significant proportion of senior citizens, often leading to isolation, anxiety, and depression.

With an aging population and an increasing awareness of mental health, it is essential to address the unique challenges faced by senior citizens and to promote their emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Here to unpack more of this is Corene Breedt-Rammutla, the CEO and co-founder of Circle Senior Living:


  1. What are some of the most common mental health issues faced by senior citizens, and what are some of the warning signs that family members and caregivers should look out for?
  2. How does Circle Senior Living address the mental health needs of its residents, and what strategies do you use to promote emotional wellbeing and social interaction among seniors?
  3. With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating feelings of isolation and loneliness, what steps has your organization taken to support senior citizens during this challenging time?
  4. Could you tell us about any successful initiatives or programs that you have launched to address mental health issues in senior citizens, and how these have impacted the lives of those in your care?
  5. Finally, how can family members and caregivers support the mental health of senior citizens, and what advice would you give to those who are struggling to cope with the emotional needs of their loved ones?


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