Circle Senior Living operates primarily on a Life Rights model. When you purchase a Life Right at Circle, you are buying into an ownership structure that provides a carefree lifestyle, eliminating almost all of the risks and responsibilities of property ownership

Simultaneously you secure your future and make provision for possible healthcare needs that may arise. Your upfront Life Right payment secures the right for you (and your partner) to occupy and enjoy your unit for the remainder of your lives.

The Life Right structure is an innovative financial model that provides you and your spouse or partner with a safe and secure home, offering peace of mind and quality of life in your later years. It has become a very popular form of ownership in Retirement facilities around the world.

As the owner of a Life Right, you enjoy the same privileges as if the home was purchased by freehold or sectional title, except that the developer remains the sole owner of the property. It gives you the security of tenure for the remainder of your life and the developer carries the responsibility of management, maintenance and upkeep of the property and the facility. The developer earns a return based on the increase in value of the Life Rights and this ensures that their interests are aligned with the Life Right Owner. The developer will ensure the property is properly maintained and serviced and that the Life Right owners are happy and comfortable, as this is what will create demand for homes in the facility. The price of the Life Right is determined by the market.

As a Life Right owner in a Circle facility, you have the comfort of a secure lifestyle without the hassle of property ownership. You will also enjoy the added benefit of convenient access to on-site health care, wellness services and prepared meals.


We have tried to ensure that our Life Rights offering is fair and transparent and that all its components are easily understandable.

The purchase of a Life Right ensures exclusive use of your apartment for the rest of your life. The value of the Life Right depreciates (reduces) by 5% per annum up to a maximum of 20% (i.e. it only depreciates in the first 4 years). This means that a minimum of 80% of the original purchase price, upon resale, would be repaid to the Life Right holder’s Estate upon death or to the Life Right holder if they choose to leave the facility.


Our Life Right enables you to purchase quality accommodation at a reasonable price, with the security of tenure for the rest of your life and with access to all care as required.

  • You are guaranteed a safe and secure Home for Life.
  • You have flexible pricing. We offer 74 units of different sizes and locations within the building, which have been individually priced for maximum pricing flexibility.
  • You only actually pay for the part you live in exclusively, however, all the common areas which also form part of your home are shared with others.
  • You have access to funds – in certain circumstances, you can activate our access product to free up some of your
  • You have a professional management team looking after all services, including healthcare, hospitality, cleaning, maintenance, gardening, security and many other aspects related to the daily running of the facility.
In addition, there is:
  • No transfer duty, VAT, registration or legal fees or capital gains tax
  • No Rates and Taxes
  • No Sales Commission
  • Physical and financial security
  • Access to nursing care as required
  • Insurance
  • Affordable accommodation
  • No ongoing responsibility for the
    management, maintenance, landscaping,
    securing and upkeep of the residence,
    including the exterior of the apartments.
  • Protection by law


At Circle, we believe that your Life Right is your investment (asset) and can be drawn down against if required. Property is traditionally a very illiquid asset. This means that it is difficult and costly to turn into cash if required. At Circle, we provide Life Right Owners with the option to borrow cash utilising their Life Right as security. This can provide residents with muchneeded cash if required. The interest on this loan can be incorporated into the loan and will not need to be serviced or paid immediately and can be set off against the capital value of the Life Right.


You can access your Life Right Investment to offset levy inflation to cover the costs of any increases in monthly levies as well as to fund Care costs if required. You can also access your Life Right Investment for Discretionary Spend if you like. Upon death or leaving the facility, your Life Right payment would be reduced by any loans (plus interest) taken using your Circle Access Facility


Studio, 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments
From R 945 000

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