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Circle is a boutique senior living brand with residences being developed in sought-after urban locations in Johannesburg and Cape Town. We’re building communities of people who aspire to get the most out of every phase of their senior living journey.

Born from decades of industry experience and an observed need for far better senior living solutions in South Africa. The name Circle signifies our holistic approach to senior living, an appreciation of the magical cycle of life, and a philosophy that puts our Circle Citizens at the center of everything we do.

At the very core of Circle, you’ll find care, community, choice, personalisation, safety, expertise, and above all – Joy


Our team is made up of experts in senior living, hospitality and property development

Corene Breedt-Rammutla

Corene Breedt-Rammutla

Chief Executive Officer

“My passion for the senior living community is deeply personal. Not only do I feel my life’s work has led me to this point, but I also believe that in a world where so many sectors of society are serviced, it is time that the Senior Living sector receives the attention it deserves. I believe that my experience in managing complex care operations will only add value in this space”

As a Co-Founder of CIRCLE SENIOR LIVING (Pty) Ltd as well as The Ramson Cross Foundation (a family charity foundation), Corene shows her intent and mission to change lives.

Corene has also co-founded SILVERAgE, an aged care consulting business in 2018. Previously, she has been employed as the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Chevrah Kadisha Group – a faith-based Jewish welfare organisation, caring for almost 1000 on-site residents and approximately 1500 families in the community.

Operations that fell directly under her supervision were catering (3,000 meals daily); maintenance across the Group; security (50 officers); transport (32 vehicles and 17 drivers); laundry & housekeeping; centralised procurement and over 300 outsourced workers (care-workers, cleaners, gardeners, pest control, etc.). She was involved in implementing over 200 capital and efficiency improvement projects throughout the group during her employment.

Prior to 2013 she was involved in various Healthcare projects. One of her career highlights was when she was employed by Healthshare International UK and responsible for migrating a public hospital into a private one – a first for Libya, the country where she was based during this project. She was responsible for overseeing the finances of a $41 million project as well as the company marketing and recruitment and operational management initiatives.

Before relocating from SA, she was employed by Healthshare Health Solutions South Africa and was responsible for motivating and starting up two new subsidiary companies within Healthshare and successfully signing three significant healthcare management contracts for the company. She had also been part of the team that managed and marketed a nutritional product range.
When Healthshare took over the management contract of two mining hospitals, her department had the responsibility of marketing the facilities in the community as private hospitals, and they managed to positively impact the revenue at both facilities. Over the past eighteen years she has obtained and exceeded ratings on performance.

Corene holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy degree and a diploma in Project Management.

On a personal note, Corene is married to Dr Ratshidi Rammutla, a specialist neurosurgeon and they have a daughter, Olivia-Grace. Corene is passionate about people and gets involved in charitable events when she can. She believes that by doing the right thing in the right way she will do her part in changing the world to be a better place.

Leor Atie

Non-Executive Director (Strategy and Finance)

“My excitement about the senior living space is based on my belief that Circle can introduce something new and differentiated in this underserved market. With my background in finance and technology, I see wonderful opportunities to enhance the quality of care, simplify the lives and provide a unique living space for the retirees in our facilities. I am excited about the team that has been assembled to execute on this opportunity and about the real impact that we can (and will) have on our residents’ lives.”

Leor obtained his Accounting degree from the University of the Witwatersrand and started his working career as the Financial Director of Internet Solutions and as a Director of Protocol Venture Capital, a subsidiary of Dimension Data.

He started his formal entrepreneurial journey in 2005 founding numerous companies within the Saicom Telecoms Group. Leor was also involved with the Lucid Group in a non-executive capacity from its inception.

Since moving to Cape Town in 2018, Leor has invested extensively in Private Equity with Investments in Education, Technology, Retail and Logistics.

Leor brings strong financial oversight to Circle and is focused on strategic and financial planning.

Gidon Novick

Non-Executive Director (Strategy and Marketing)

“The one question I keep asking myself is, can life get better as one matures?”  I am hopeful that it can – and I am excited to be a part of an initiative that at the core of its mission is to bring joy and contentment to people in their mature years.  Personally I enjoy the challenge of challenging the status quo and of creating something that is really special and somewhat different, not only in terms of the prime locations where we will be building, but our care philosophy and our hospitality that will really assist us to build towards our mission of making sure seniors enjoy a better life as they mature.”

Gidon Novick is a socially minded entrepreneur who has created innovative and high growth opportunities within large businesses as well as built new businesses from inception. His focus is on continuing to build large-scale, innovative, and high impact businesses based in South Africa.

In the aviation sector, Gidon co-founded the launch of LIFT airline, an airline with a different and more flexible operating model which uses technology to offer a world-class customer experience. He was previously with the listed Comair Group for 13 profitable years between 1998 and 2011. He served as joint CEO, overseeing turnover of more than R3.5-billion. Highlights included launching Africa’s first low-cost airline, kulula.com, growing Comair to 2-million passengers in five years and launching the premium SLOW lounge concept with banking group FNB. Gidon was previously CEO of Discovery Vitality, where he oversaw the world-leading wellness programme. He then took on a broader role as Group Chief Digital Officer for Discovery, driving the digital strategy across the company.

Gidon currently manages three investment funds under Lucid Ventures, a venture capital platform with a diversified range of tax efficient funds supporting the growth of entrepreneurial activity in South Africa. The funds are focused on building disruptive brands in the Hospitality and Senior Living sectors.

Gidon is also Chairman of SA Harvest, which focuses on food security in South Africa, one of the most urgent crises facing our country today. Every day, 18-million South Africans go to bed hungry and/or undernourished and 10-million tons of food go to waste. SA Harvest is leveraging technology and data through the support of key partners and donors to intervene in the entire food ecosystem and help manage the food crisis in the country and ultimately end hunger.

Gidon has a BCom CA from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Kelloggs School of Management, North Western.

Michael Sieff

Executive Director (Strategy and Operations)

“The Senior Living Space is an exciting place to be. It’s not only about the evident need, good business case and opportunity. For me, it is much more personal. My exposure to and influence of my grandparents and parents together with my operational Senior Living experience means that I have had the privilege of learning so much from remarkable people. Life lessons, perspective, and wisdom – this is what has drawn me and inspires me to pursue our Circle Senior Living way of life.”

Michael has 20 years Executive experience.  He is a strong leader, skilled in strategic planning, aged care, operations management, facilities management, social entrepreneurship, turnaround specialisation and organisational change.  As co-founder of both Circle Senior Living and SILVERAgE Michael makes his passion for the senior living space clear.

As the Group CEO of the Chevrah Kadisha Group for 8 years. Michael  managed an annual budget of R 300m, and service 1000 full time residents.  He effectively and efficiently managed multiple facilities and was responsible for the implementation of a successful restructuring and turnaround strategy as well as the masterplan for upgrading all campuses which involved the planning for long-term sustainable energy implementation. 

Michael was the National Director of ORT South Africa.  Vision – Educating for Life and Mission – Making People Employable, Creating Employment Opportunities. He also has had a lot of corporate experience, heading up HR, Training & Development at Discovery Ltd.

He holds the following qualifications:  MBA; Honours in Industrial Psychology; BA Law & Psychology.  Internationally Accredited Mediator and Executive Coach.

On a personal note, Michael is married to Amanda, they have 6 wonderful children the oldest is 23 and the youngest is 11. 

Andrew Kuming

Non-Executive Director (Property Development)

“I have been part of the development team in projects for almost 30 years now – and it feels like my life’s work has led me to this point – a point where I can be part of giving something back to generations that have cared for so many and are often forgotten.  I am so excited to develop properties that are not just beautiful, but also well thought through and managed with great care.”

Andrew has completed a BSc in Building science as well as masters degree in Project Management and Property Development from WITS university.

In 1993, Andrew co-founded Kuming and Staples Construction, a company specialising in residential and commercial property development, architectural design, construction as well as project management. From its humble beginnings it has grown and is today a reputable and sought after niche construction company that provides construction expertise and services to an expanding client base. The company also specializes in property management.

His building philosophy has always been to deliver a quality product.  Andrew has a keen eye for detail, a good property site and loves getting involved in the finer details of the projects he is involved in.

Andrew is also a director of Lucid Hotel Ventures and Lucid Retirement Living Fund – Funds that are focused on building disruptive brands in the Hospitality and Senior Living sectors.

At the very core of Circle, you’ll find care, community, choice, personalisation, safety, expertise, and above all – Joy


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